How to Block a Website – Protecting Your Kids From Adult Content

If you are a parent who is trying to gain parental control over what your young children or teenagers are able to see or what they are able to search for, then you definitely need to know how to block a website. Here are a few ways that you can either limit, and even control your child’s ability to access certain places on the internet.Browser Security ControlsAll of the internet browsers that you may use will have options to block certain sites if you go to the tools section of the browsing program. Some, like Firefox will require that you download an add-on which can easily be done by going to Firefox’s site. Here are some easy directions:Internet ExplorerOpen Internet Explorer.On the top bar select Tools.Go down to Internet Options.Then find the Privacy tab.Look for Sites.Type in the address of the site you wish to block and then press OKGoogle ChromeOpen Google Chrome.Look for the wrench symbol in the upper corner.Click Tools.Select the Under the Hood tab.Find Change Proxy Settings.Next, click Security, and then Restricted Sites.You will have to double-click on Sites and then you will be able to type in the site you want block.Firefox While in Firefox, click on Tools.Then select Add-ons.Click Get Add-ons.Select Browse All Add-ons.Enter Block Site for your search and you will be able to download the add-on.Once you have the add-on you will be given instructions on how to block sites.The Hosts FileYou can tell any browser you use to redirect its search of a particular site back to a dead-end on your computer by altering the Hosts file. What you are basically doing is instructing your computer to look for the unwanted website in a place where it does not exist. Here is how to block a site using the hosts file:Click your Start button, then All Programs, then Accessories, and then go to Command Prompt.You will see a black DOS window.Type notepad C:/Windows/System 32/drivers/etc/hosts and press enter.Look for the line under this line, type the address that you want to block with in front of it. If you were going to block Yahoo, you would type: yahoo.comThis method is effective but just like with browser tools, you will need to add the sites one at a time.3. Content Blocking SoftwareThe most effective and reliable way to block a website is to find good content blocking software. These programs will show you how to prevent a wide range of sites from being searched for or even stumbled upon by your kids. Many are able to quickly update from a growing list URL addresses so you don’t have to worry about figuring out which to block. The more sophisticated filters will be able to scan actual page content and prevent access even to sites that are not on the blocked URL list. The first two methods are free, but it will be worth both your time and money to purchase a trustworthy program to protect your family from adult content.